History Of Slot Machines, Fruit Machines or Pokies

History Of Slot Machines, Fruit Machines or Pokies

Slot machines can be seen in a number of countries where they have been given different names. For example, in America, they are called slot machines; in the UK, fruit machine; in Canada, the slots; in Australia and New Zealand, the poker machine or “pokies.” They are also called “one-armed bandits” because, historically, they were operated by a lever on one side of the machine instead of a button on the machine’s front panel, and because they were so good at their game that they could take all the punters’ money and leave them without any money.

History: The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey, an American immigrant from Bavaria, in 1887 as a gambling machine, based on poker. It sought to answer the problem of automating a poker game. This device had three spinning reels and five symbols—diamonds, spades, horseshoes, hearts and the Liberty Bell. In fact, here is where his device was named. In fact, he called his machine “The Liberty Bell” because of the symbols he used for the large winning jackpot combination.

The Liberty Bell was the first symbol of a jackpot and three Liberty Bells in a row would fetch players the highest payout for these slots. Fortunately, for Fey, his device was very popular and there was a huge demand for them.

In 1889, Fey had a rival in the company, Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, which took Fey’s three-line slots and created a five-drum pay-line slot. This contained 50 card faces that were based on poker hands, flushes, pairs, royal flushes and straights. There was no rule on payouts, so bar owners would sometimes set the rule for this and often give out a beer for a pair, along with tobacco, cigars or any other item for a flush or royal flush. If there was no win, it was seen as a “Jack.”

At this time, payouts were also given as fruit-flavored gum. These slot machines bore fruit symbols, such as melon, cherry and bar, that are visible even today. The bar symbol belongs to the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company, seen today on land-based and online slot machines all over the world.  Since no cash prizes could be given in those times under the anti-gambling law, candy-based prizes were given.

In 1963, slot machine technology took a technological leap with Bally Technologies Inc developing the world’s first electromechanical slot machine, called Money Honey. Electrical components replaced the traditional mechanical components which improved game play and allowed several coin bets, leading to more attractive payouts. Later, flashing lights also formed part of the slot machine’s new look and overall, the jackpot size also increased. With the coming of electromechanical slot machines, this game grew exponentially in popularity as a casino game.

In the 1980s, when microchip technology led to exciting advancements, online slots got a shot in the arm. In 1979, the world stood in awe of the first video slot, made by Fortune Coin Co. The rights for this were quickly bought by IGT, the famous slot machine manufacturer. He later developed the technology some more because he could envision a bright future for slot machines.

In the 1990s, the advent of the Internet and super-fast computers led to the development of the first slots machines with bonus games and online slots sites. Since then, there’s been no looking back for this exciting and creative game.

When video poker was introduced, it helped develop video-based slot machines too. Ever since, the original three-reeled humble slot machine grew to have a maximum of nine reels with several symbols, bet sizes, pay lines and more side games. Today, slot machines in online casinos make them vibrant and highly enjoyed.

Enjoy The Interesting Games Available In The Game City

Enjoy The Interesting Games Available In The Game City

Among the huge varieties of online games, slot games have been preferred by most of the players. This is because; there are many bonus features available through which they can enhance their winnings. Book of Ra slot game is one among those games which has been played by a number of people. The new players can get well versed with this game by playing the free versions online. Once if you have understood all the tactics, you can begin to play real money games. Generally two versions of Book of Ra slot game are available for the players. They can enjoy playing classic version with 9 paylines and deluxe version with 10 paylines. The theme of this game is to explore the ancient Egypt to discover the hidden treasures. The software is provided by Novomatic so the graphic designs and sound effects will serve as a treat for the players.

Betting Options:

The slot game has five reels. The players should use only single coin for one pay line and the value of the coin ranges between $0.08 and $20. The players can place the bet between $0.04 and $100 per spin. A wide range of betting options is provided to the players so players can choose the betting value as per their wish or according to their budget. The book of Ra symbol serves as both scatter symbols as well as a wild symbol. So it can substitute other symbols to make a winning combination. When this symbol appears more than three, then free spins are triggered out.

After winning:

After every winning you will be providing with an option to double your winnings through a gambling feature. This gambling button will be flashing on the screen if you make any winning in the game. If you click on this button it will take you to the screen of gambling game. You have to guess the color of the next card correctly to double your winnings and if you guess it wrongly you will be losing all your winnings and the screen will take you to the regular game.

Let Money Be Immortal With Immortal Romance Slot

Let Money Be Immortal With Immortal Romance Slot

Playing in online casino empowers the player to play anonymously and give enormous opportunity for the player to earn in millions. Money should be immortal and should be seen in big figures in the account of players. This is definitely dreamt by all players but, scared of betting huge money. If capacity permits then reliable online casinos are many and they are worth for depositing for reasonable bet. These casinos make sure to protect the interest of players. This is a modern way to earn huge money under certain limitations. The games like Immortal Romance slot are specially designed for such active and passionate players. This allows immortal money through the discipline of online gaming. These special games can be played at the comfort of each individual sitting in home and may even invite supporting suggestions from friends and family members. The demo games for all new games are arranged in this online casino website. This slot also has a demo session and review provided suggests few tips for beginners.

Without any registration, the game can be played for free and for fun. If it is interesting, obviously the player will continue betting for next levels. True bonus points are offered for encouraging new gamers. This game designed by the famous gaming company “Microgaming” describes a love story of a vampire with an ordinary girl. The story seems very interesting and takes lots of emotional twists throughout the game. Such theme is running hot for movies, online video games, and literary books and for many but, this is of the first kind for slot game. The characters in this remind the player of heroes characterized in “Vampire Diaries” and “Twilight”.

There are four main characters in this and they are Troy a vampire from Hungary, Amber, a witch from Caribbean, Michael a genetics professor and Sarah a pathology doctor. The gaming machine explains more about the love story as the player proceeds to instructions section of the game. Each of the character is animated and every time after each spin the game takes the player towards the history of the character. The bonus game offered here is known as chamber of spins. The four spins given in the story are named after each of the characters of this love story. The player feels like taking part in the game and actually enters the scene after each spin. Passionate people are sure to enjoy this unique game of love.

Bonus Baby – Bonus Online Casinos

Bonus Baby – Bonus Online Casinos

When you are in search of the perfect place to go to relax, you will want to look at all of the different places that are available in the form of online casinos. This is because not only will they allow you to relax and play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home, in many cases they will offer some type of incentive or loyalty program to get you to join or to become a member of the casino. This way, you will be able to go and play and not have a feeling of guilt for doing so, because you will be getting something for nothing when you are a member.

Well, not really for nothing, but a way of feeling appreciated for choosing to come to that casino instead of all of the other options that are out there. Consider it free money to use to try and make even more of it.

Free Options

There are many ways to look at how it is you will be able to earn a bonus from all of your hard work in trying to decide which of the many online casinos you will be going to and will be spending your money at. One of the things you will see is the fact that many of the casinos will offer a bonus program for the people who choose to go to the casino and are willing to partake in all of the fun and activities that are available for the members to use. Another perk is the fact that as you elevate your status or level at the online casino, you will see an increase in bonus eligibility as well as having an even greater ability to go and explore even more areas of the virtual casino. It is a way to keep you interested and upgrading, by providing more options to those who are willing to spend more.

Free Stuff

Well, in essence there is no such thing as getting something for free, in many cases you will need to put in the time as well as spend the money to be able to take advantage of all of the different things that are out there for people to see and enjoy when they are playing the games and using the tools available at their favorite online casino. Consider how many different places there are to choose from when looking at online casinos. Now look at all of the different bonuses they offer and see which of these will be the best fit for you and will give you the most of what you want. You do not want to go with the one with the most things available, but the program that offers the most things you will use when it is offered to you as a player at the casino.

Time For A Bonus

When you are looking to find the perfect online Vegas style online casino, which you will want to look and see what type of offers that they have in order to get you to become a member of the casino. One such way that many of these online casinos will look at getting you to join them is by offering a bonus. You will need to look at all of the options that are out there to compare and see which of the casinos offers the best program. The bonus can come in many different forms. One is with free play, or it can come in the form of being able to win double after you play for a certain amount of time.

You may also see bonuses for joining or for upgrading your status as a member of the casino. Consider and compare all of the different options to make the best choice. You may have a look at Luxury casino for example.

£1 Free And 200% Cash Match At Vernons Bingo

£1 Free And 200% Cash Match At Vernons Bingo

On 10th May we said goodbye to one of the more established brands in the world of online bingo, Littlewoods Bingo, but don’t be disheartened if you were a fan of the brand because this site has simply had a name change and rebranding. The Littlewoods Bingo name has been replaced with Vernons Bingo but for all intents and purposes, it’s exactly the same gaming experience!

New players to Vernons Bingo are offered a £1 free no deposit required bonus to try the site on for size but if you were a registered player at Littlewoods Bingo you can login using the same details with no need to re-register at the newly branded site.

The £1 free bonus is not all credited to your account instantly though, you will get just 10% before you validate your account through the welcome email sent to your registered address. Once you have clicked the link then the full no deposit required bonus will be in your account and can be used to play bingo at the new Vernons Bingo.

If you then choose to make a deposit at Vernons Bingo you can claim a new player bonus of an impressive 200% cash match offer. Simply visit the online cashier, register your chosen depositing method and fund your account with at least £10. The bonus will instantly be credited to your account. There is only one other standard bonus offered by Vernons Bingo and that is on your second deposit. It’s a 50% cash match bonus to a maximum of £65. may not look very different to Littlewoods Bingo for those of you who have already played at the site in its old guise but for new players, you’ve nothing to lose by registering and grabbing your £1 free.